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Events that took place at Select CITYWALK


Christmas is a season of joyous celebration and as usual we took the excitement to a whole new level with our yearly Christmas Market that was set up in the FF Balcony and the outer arena of the mall. This year, the shoppers splurged on designer clothes, bags, accessories, shoes, candles, cakes and other amazing goodies at bargain prices.


Bite of Love

Take note of these libido-boosting ingredients to make your Valentine’s Day dinner date the hottest ever, quite literally!

Honeymoon wasn’t named so for nothing. Turns out honey is a food item that kicks the libido. Many such food items, for ages, have been hailed as the super love foods ergo aphrodisiacs. So if you’re on the prowl for a love potion, recipes with these aphrodisiac ingredients will get you in the mood.

About Us


An unmatched shopping experience, innovative events, unique hospitality and more is all offered at the Country’s most admired shopping centre – Select CITYWALK.

Situated in the heart of South Delhi, Saket, Select CITYWALK brings an unforgettable shopping and lifestyle experience with a plethora of brands, Serviced Apartments, Cinemas, Health Club, Destination Restaurants, Cafes, bistros and more!

While continuously evolving to bring the best of international fashion to its patrons, many new brands have joined the Select CITYWALK family, and many more are in the pipeline. A few of these included Bobbi Brown, Chanel, Starbucks, The Collective and many more.

Select CITYWALK also blends tradition and modernity in a simplistic way with its events and celebrations. From Diwali, Christmas, World Aids Day, breast Cancer awareness, every single event is meticulously planned and well thought out. Aiming to always make for a convenient shopping trip, the many varied services ensure that the customer never feels the need to step out of the shopping centre for anything.

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